Thursday, 23 August 2012

2/8: Indcsn

I've blogged about Indcsn before but never really spoke them in much depth. Indcsn is an unconventional clothing brand heavily influenced by alternative culture. It has only just seen its first birthday but has gained masses of popularity through Front Magazine. These particular bobble hats have been an unprecedented success. When they were first launched they sold out completely, since then Indcsn have rereleased the hats in different colourways and with new quotations. I found this design particularly inspiring and the whole idea of 'aggro-knitwear' especially when deciding to take my Pantera themed digital cross stitch jumper into production. As I have always found my target audience or ‘who I am trying to communicate to’ a bit of a grey area I found it refreshing to know that there is a market for aggro-knitwear or garments that do have a dark, yet humorous feel to them. There seems to be an increase of subverting items such as knitwear into something a bit more sinister. The humble hand knitted bobble hat is comforting and the act of knitting endearing (thinking of the generalisation that only your Grandmother knits) yet the content of the hat is the opposite to what would expect from such a knitted garment. The work is intended to be a practical and well made item yet grotesque and disturbing at the same time. This play between process and content I find compelling which I also apply in my own practice.

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