Friday, 24 August 2012

3/8: Jay McCaroll

Again, another person I have blogged about before but it would be interesting to expand, especially how they have influenced my work. Jay McCaroll is a young fashion designer who found fame appearing on a reality TV program ‘Project Runway’. I was first drawn to the image for its graphic like quality and its organic earthy tones. To me it felt like a floral image that had been simplified and pixelated, like a modern take on a William Morris floral classic circa the late 1800s. In a video interview about his collection ‘Habitat’, McCaroll talks about combining his experience of cold city living in juxtaposition with nature which is reflected in his designs. He explains the colours used mixes the greys and darker hues of the concrete landscape with the brighter pops of colours of flowers and roof top gardening which you can clearly see in ‘Habitat City Planting’. He also highlights the importance of web 2.0 in the exposure and sharing of his fabric design. The video is available here. Something that I realised throughout the duration of my MA was my increasing love for patterns and surface design. Like McCaroll I also like to juxtapose different ends of the spectrum. For me, the quaint patterns of traditional embroidery or knit mixed with the ballsy texts and unconventional lyrics of metal bands excite me greatly. I also rely a lot on colour, mixing inoffensive pastels with the ominous undertones realised in the content of my work. Cross stitch and knit patterns both lends itself to pixels in the way the patterns are constructed. Whenever I see pixelated images I imagine what could be achieved when applied to cross stitch. There is also a nostalgic quality when seeing pixelated imagery, for me it has connotations of 1990s computer games. I'm a dab hand at Kirby.

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