Monday, 27 August 2012

6/8: Rachel Denny

From 'Domestic Trophies'

Rachel Denny’s ‘Domestic Trophies’ are a collection of brightly coloured deer/stag heads sculpted from foam and covered in cable knit. The heads are playful yet slightly eerie, the soft and harmless aesthetic of these woolen objects contrasts greatly with the not so lighthearted act of hunting. Her work strives to ‘[pay] homage to this beauty and wonder’ and the intricacy of the cable knit highlights the contours of these perfectly crafted and stunning forms. I enjoy her unusual method and her twist on what normally would be a traditional object. Her work plays on contrasts, such as the reproduction of an object commonly associated with power and class with the very domestic and cosy act of knitting. I find her work has a humorous and almost cheery side to it, despite having darker connotations.

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  1. Wow these are awesome in a macabre sort of upbeat way! If that makes sense.... I shall have to check out more of her work. Thanks for sharing.