Tuesday, 28 August 2012

7/8: Dr Lakra

Dr Lakra is a tattooist from Mexico; however it is his 2D pieces that I found relevant in my research for my MA. Dr Lakra uses the idea of embellishment to transform found images with tattoo designs. This image in particular caught my attention. At first glance it appears to be two children playing by a pond but until you look more closely you realise they have acquired tattoos and one of the children is smoking a cigarette. By initially overlooking the image the fascination becomes intensified as you uncover more ‘secret’ additions to the image, which I also play within my patterns (reindeers mixed with inverted crosses, traditional motifs next to my potty mouth etc) Tattoos and alternative culture plays a vital role in the work I produce so it seems fitting that I draw my influences from a 'scene' I am already emerged in. My work takes inspiration from metal music from the 1980s and 90s and places it between twee and recognisable patterns. At the moment, I believe this subversion of the ‘innocent’ with dark undertones is quite popular and I feel it works well within my work. In Dr Lakra’s work there is an air of rebellion by transforming images and defying what society deems acceptable or ‘normal’, this is another aspect of his work I also see in my own practice.

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