Wednesday, 29 August 2012

8/8: Susanne Westphal

'The Discovery of Slowness'

And finally, a bit of product design. Susan Westphal made this chair to embrace the everydayness and to promote reflection in a fast paced world. The chair is ‘unfinished’ so that the user can finish the piece themselves. It is boundless in design and is strictly down to the user how they embellish the chair with embroidery. Again, it looks at this idea of the masculine act of drilling into a structure and the contrasts with the feminine. The diversity in materials enthuse me; the hard, smooth wood in comparison with the soft, tactile qualities of the yarn. I feel high contrasts in work add an element of excitement and the anticipation of how two alien materials or processes will gel together. This is something I experiment in my own work, such as using different textures like fusing paper and thread or traditional and digital methods together. Westphal also demonstrates how embroidery can be used not only to decorate but how it can have substance, changing human experience through reflection and comments on the frantic and over saturated world we live in.

So there it is, 8 days and 8 different influences. If there are people you have been inspired by that you think I might like then please share, I love finding out about new work.

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