Sunday, 30 September 2012

Inspiration - wool finds

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know I've acquired a knitting machine. After a lot of swearing and youtube videos I have just about mastered knitting a straight line in a single colour.

 The first rows that didn't get completely eaten by the machine. A proud moment.

 The machine in action. I found this in my parents attic. My mum tells me it was once owned by my nan. Everything was complete minus a wool winder (which I acquired through Ebay after scouting Bristol for one) Had to replace a couple of bent needles and give it a good hoover/oil but is working perfectly now. It is almost definitely older than me. What a trooper.

Probably the best sample I've made yet. 51 rows with 30 stitches at a loose tension using the 'E' cast on method. I don't think it helped using crappy Wilkinsons wool but for the sake of testing the machine out I wasn't prepared to hemorrhage my money on some expensive stuff.

So in celebration of getting the machine up and running I thought I'd share some of my favourite knit and crochet pieces. Inspiration for the future, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about cross stitch.

 Rachel Deny (who I have blogged about before here)

 Crocheted skull mask. The ultimate in crochet Halloween wear. Available from Dewey Decimal's Etsy store here.

Tiny skull finger puppets, also made by Dewey Decimal.

 Helen Rodel rabbit knit headwear.

Skull mask (called 'Skeletal') from 'Anatomical Knit Hood' series by Ben Cuevas.

 'I knit so I won't kill people' tote bag in pink (also comes in purple, green and blue) by Leslie Jowett Astor via Etsy. Feel free to add this to my Christmas list. I need a 'I cross stitch so I don't kill people' tote.

Apologies for lack of posting recently. It has been a really busy month with family illness and work. Still working on my 100th post (which will be my next) so keep your peepers peeled.

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