Sunday, 25 November 2012

Etsy top cross stitch picks

Recently I have become addicted to Etsy. You can find some right gems amongst the smorgasboard of terrible/questionable items. Here's a few things that I need in my life.

Don't Panic badge by Pyro Dog Pins (£2.24) Okay, so I may have just bought this.

Boba Fett badge, also by Pyro Dog Pins (£3.52) Releasing my inner geek via the medium of cross stitch.

Vintage Rosey Grier's 'Needlepoint For Men' book from Merry-go-girl (£16.00) Granted I am not a man but who wouldn't want this book on their bookshelf? It looks AMAZING.

LISA NEEDS BRACES...DENTAL PLAN! 3 inch embroidery hoop by SnowStitched (£12.80) If Father Christmas leaves me anything this year it better be this.

 Letterpress Christmas tree cross stitch card from Pistachio Press (£2.56) Solid cross stitched themed stationery.

Cross stitch mitten card from Presentandcollect (£3.11) DIY cross stitch design, pretty clever idea.

DIY cross stitch iphone earphone jack dust cap by Leesedesign (£6.40) This is a bit of a weird one. Like one of those JML products that you don't really need by are inclined to buy anyway because it might just make you life that little bit better. Also, I don't have an iphone but when I do there will be a small stitched bear protruding from it.

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