Saturday, 19 January 2013

Inspiration - giant cross stitch installation

This is totally insane.

Made up of 17000 stitches sewn into a wire frame, this piece adorns the wall at the Patria tapas restaurant in Toronto. The installation is formed of two layers, the background (a custom designed wallpaper) which was created by designer Marlo Onilla and the foreground sits the stitched screen which was made by Laura Carwardine. Stitches were made from cut cotton jersey and took 2 people to stitch.

"Laura Carwardine completed the cross stitching by hand, with the help of many fellow designers. Henry Salonen coordinated the customization and installation of the steel grids. The full process took just over two months to complete, totaling 485 hours for everyone involved. There are just over 17,000 stitches in the installation, spread over 21 separate 4'x8' panels." (via Laura's Cargo Collective site)

phenomenal amount of work but well worth it. A simple, yet amazing piece with potential to be reworked to create new designs. Massive thumbs up to this.

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