Friday, 4 January 2013

Inspiration - give me Umbra

I was meant to post about Umbra way back when Subversive Cross Stitch brought my attention to it here in October 2012.

I've been quite into this cross stitch wall decal idea and recently I've been thinking about taking over a wall with one of my patterns using vinyl die cut stickers. Wham. Then I see Umbra. At £27.50 a pop (for 40 molded 'crosses') it is quite steep, keeping in mind most of my patterns are made up of hundreds, if not thousands of crosses. Major con. Pros: they look awesome and can painted. It needs to be done. Hey Umbra, wanna sponsor me?

If you feel so kind to send me some Umbra cross stitch wall decals, or would like to experiment for yourself then they can be found on their online store here.

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