Sunday, 17 February 2013

Etsy finds - pick(s) of the week

Today I was supposed to be productive with work but it never happened as I'm still preparing for the move (5 sleeps and counting!) So whilst my life gets packed into boxes I'll leave you guys with some fodder to look at which mostly isn't my own work...again...

I present to you my Etsy picks of the week. Two ridiculously great finds that bless Etsy. Enjoy.

Cross stitch knuckle tattoo rings by Funwithneedles:

I thought this was a pretty neat idea. The rings can spell whatever you wish so you can have a completely customised piece with whatever takes your fancy. You can buy them for $35 (about £23) but probably not advisable for everyday wear, I'd imagine they are pretty impractical. Have you ever seen the A5 print I did of my fantasy knuckles? Not sure if I've ever posted it on here. I'll get this tattooed to my toes soon.

Digital print with cross stitch 'Love/Kate' embellishment. Click to enlarge.

If anyone is interested the above print can be customised and stitched especially for you (just give me a shout at

Royal Albert Fucking Hall from Ptillow

Inspired by Adele (I'll ignore that), I thought it was pretty funny but then again I find most cross stitch swears amusing. It's 25 euros (that's a tidy 22 English nuggets) and can be found and purchased here.

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