Monday, 4 February 2013

Inspiration - Heng Lee

Embroidery meets pixel metal work. Heng Lee is a Taiwanese contemporary jewellery and metalsmith who makes these amazing pieces. You can see more work over here.

'Floral Embroidery Pixel 4.5', stainless steel plated with platinum, thread and silk organza. 2012.
'Floral Embroidery Pixel 3.7', stainless steel plated with 20 carrat gold, thread, silk organza. 2012.
'Floral Embroidery Pixel 4.6'
Detail of 'Floral Embroidery 4.6', nickel, silver and thread. 2012.

'Floral Embroidery Pixel 6.2', stainless steel and thread. 2012.


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    1. Hi~ glad to know you love it!
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  2. Simple but very beautiful. I would love to buy one, may have to contact him!

  3. hi, ive just discovered your blog and Im a huge fan! :D
    hello from Bcn!