Sunday, 24 March 2013

When Skid Row met Umbra

I posted about Umbra here on my blog a while ago and it has been on my to do list for far too long. At last, here it is. What I'd do with 1489 pieces of Umbra 'cross stitch' molded plastic and 2.34 x 2.85 metres of wall space.

Click image to enlarge.

You can buy Umbra online in the UK through Amazon here. Or check out their official website. If Umbra want to lend me 38 packs as I currently don't have £1045 it will cost me to make this then they can contact me here.

And of course, here's a parting gift. Enjoy.


  1. Haven't seen these before. Looks great but £27 a packet, ouch!

    1. On the Umbra site they are sold at $20, significantly cheaper but I bet the shipping would be a bit of a logistical nightmare for that many pieces.

      Also if I did get hold of some...any ideas to where in Bristol this could go?! I'd like it in my house but something of this scale would probably be better placed in a gallery or shop. I know The Guild on Park St. sell Umbra products but don't think Skid Row really fits their clientele! Suggestions?

  2. I hope they send it to you, I would love to see that made.

  3. Ha, we will see. Either way, I'll eventually get my mits on some - just perhaps not 1489 pieces worth!