Saturday, 25 May 2013

CrossStitcher magazine

I'm in the new CrossStitcher magazine (issue 266, page 15) with one of my digital cross stitch printed cushions. I'm in the column 'Trend Spotting' which is written this month by Jessica Bateman who is the wonderful production editor at CrossStitcher. She also features products from M&S and Mr Perswall. Amazing.

Once I get a new SD card (I have been ridiculously busy the past week, working in Southampton and now visiting Leeds) I'll take some better quality photos but for now here's a little photo montage.

If you cant make out the text, it reads:

"The Digital Age.
Designers are blending the humble stitch with modern technology for a digital take on an old handcraft. Printed patterns mimicking the formations of cross stitch are finding their way onto all kinds of surfaces, from china to wallpaper. It's a fun way for stitchers to express their love for the craft, as well as making stitching more accessible to the masses."

Just want to say a massive thanks to Jessica, I really loved the piece. The magazine costs £4.99 and available at all good news agents (mine was a WH Smiths buy) The rest of the magazine has some really inspiring patterns, my favourite probably being the giant Turnocks cake cross stitch by Gillian Kyle which can be made into a tote bag.

In other news, it was my blogs 2nd birthday on the 23rd...which I forgot. I had all intention of doing something for it but that will now have to wait until I'm back at cross stitch HQ. Keep your peepers peeled as I'm sure it will involve a giveaway.


  1. Wow that's amazing -you're certainly getting about ;) Congrats.

    1. Thanks, it seems that I've been doing the rounds! I've been extremely lucky.