Thursday, 16 May 2013

Oh hey Prima.

I know I keep harping on about this but 3 years ago I didn't think I'd ever be in a national magazine. I guess it shows if you are persistent with something it will eventually yield results. Selina Lake emailed me a few months back asking for any stitch related things I could send her for a photoshoot. Selina's styling is incredible and her books are flawless, so naturally I jumped at the chance. If you're ever short of eye candy then her Twitter and blog are definitely worth a follow.

I had some better quality photos to show but unfortunately my computer snapped my SD card and I lost them all. I really wanted to share this so here's a couple of images from my phone.

I'm featured on page 16 alongside some other great crafters (FYI my piece is the pink Space Invaders purse). A mention goes out to Claire from The Bellwether, who dominates the page with her amazing, top quality cross stitch wares. Massive kudos to her, I think without her kind words and pep tweets I would of given up trying to make my work a (kind of) success. Her words are remembered when people just don't play nice and as a result I'm still here, doing what I love and giving a 2 finger salute to anyone who tries to sabotage that. Anyway...gushing aside, go check out her site and give her a follow on Twitter...oh and watch out for some potential new ventures soon.

So moving away from page 16, the rest of the magazine harbors loads of ideas, inspiration and tutorials which are all beautifully shot. Did I mention it's only £3.99? A complete steal. I managed to get a copy from my local Asda but you can buy online and get it sent for FREE (in the UK) from here.

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