Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Inspiration - #crossstitch

The best thing about Instagram? People sharing their work. I often scout out the hashtag 'crossstitch' to see what is about. Here are some of my recent(ish!) favourites. I've tried to give links where possible to more work, there are some that don't have websites but will take commissions if you send them an email/comment.
Beautiful lazer cut wood/cross stitch jewellery.
Follow: @helloprettysa

This is just...awesome.
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Follow: @bowserkl

Crow skull.
Follow: @sassafrashley

Arrested Development.
Follow: @josiahalbertsen

Cats AND pastels? Yes please.
Follow: @ouijeuislolo

I have a lot of time for Jonah Takalua.
Follow: @zamiam

I do and I like this song. Win/win.
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Chevron love.
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Anything to do with The Thick of It gets my vote.
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Crapestry makes Front magazine.
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Urban cross stitch. There are more photos over on their Instagram. You can find this piece on the front of Belula Espacio Creativo in Zaragoza, Spain.
Follow: @belulavanessa

And of course you can find me over there too (@kateblandford)

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