Thursday, 27 June 2013

Etsy finds - Lady Jane LongStitches

Whilst looking for supplies this caught my eye...

($38, available to buy here) naturally I had to investigate. Okay not strictly cross stitching but anyone with a love of embroidery and profanities will like this. Lady Jane LongStitches is made up of mother/daughter combo Jessica Pambianco and Hannah Farabaugh and are based in the US. I could write a hundred words here but their own bio sums their work up so eloquently.

"With our lifelong love of art and new love of hand embroidery we merge modern with vintage, sweet with saucy and refinement with crass. Irony reigns supreme here. In Lady Jane Longstitches you may find the perfect Jane Austen quote, a song lyric, a sarcastic remark, a snippet of pop culture, a pretty flowery picture, a new vocabulary word, or our personal favorite - a hoop of obscenity. We are inspired by all things English, refined and old fashioned and by all things American, snarky and modern. By indulging in our creative whims, we hope to bring you a smile, a laugh and a piece of artwork that you or a lucky recipient will enjoy for years to come."

I've picked a few of my favourites. You can see more over on their Etsy here.

 8" Stop Freaking Out hand embroidered hoop, $28

5" Suck It hand embroidered hoop, $18

9" Chill The Fuck Out hand embroidered hoop, $34
8" Shut The Fuck Up hand embroidered hoop, $36

I probably should of mentioned that this post definitely wasn't safe for work.
Anyway, they also take commissions so head over to their shop and send them a message.


  1. Nice ...thinking I could probably use the 'chill the fuck out' x

    1. Ha, I think I use all these phrases on a daily basis at work.

  2. Awe shucks!How did I miss this? Thanks a bunch for profiling our stuff, you rock!