Monday, 10 June 2013

Etsy finds - top cross stitch jewellery picks

Definitely due a post featuring some work that isn't my own. Here are some of the amazing cross stitched accessories you can find around Etsy. As always, check out the links that follow the photos. Most of the makers have other awesome stuff for you to devour with your eyes.

'Lucha libre luchador' fabric button brooch by Emilie Martin (Atelier Creation), £13.97
Looking at this triggers Mariachi El Bronx in my head. Imagine this cardigan with these buttons. Whoa mama.

Geometric hand embroidered brooch by Veselka Bulkan (Green Accordion), £19.79
Geometrics get my vote. Pastel geometrics? SOLD. If you're into this then you'll probably like the July issue of Cross Stitcher magazine that has this awesome cushion you can make with a similar geometric vibe. Triangles FTW.

Personalised initial bracelet by Natalka (Skrynka), £11.88
What I like about this? It's not fussy. That's all I need to say!

French flag cross stitch ring by also by Natalka (Skrynka), £28.04
The chevron pattern caught my eye with this one, not so much the patriotism. Flag aside it is still an exceptional ring, one I'd buy if I had 28 spondoolies to spend on such frivolous things.

Cross stitch bear earrings by Gudmunda (Snow Stitched), £10.56
Token kitsch cross stitch item. How could you say no to these little guys?

Art deco modern geometric earrings by L. Pettis (The Werk Shoppe), £25.07
The Werk Shoppe are the dons of geometric cross stitch accessories. They have loads of different designs in earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings.


  1. I just discovered your amazing blog! Many thanks for sharing my luchador! All the best! Emilie

    1. Thanks Emilie. Do you have a website/blog or are you just on Etsy? I have a lot of love for that little luchador! :]

    2. No blog Kate, but a facebook page!