Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inspiration - Latest collection from Wool and the Gang

Carrying on the theme of knitting I just wanted to share Wool and the Gang, a platform of designers and knitters who all believe in one thing...#madeunique.

Gang leaders Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood set up Wool and the Gang to challenge the way fashion is created and consumed, “We created Wool and the Gang out of a passion for sustainable, incredible design and the challenge to make knitwear and knitting cool again.” Their latest collection (the Gang Collection™) features Wool and the Gang designs which are then hand made and customised by a community of knitters known as 'The Gang'. Each product is unique and nurtured from start to finish, ensuring a beautifully made and top quality product well worth the price tag. Here are a few of my favourites:

Hold Tight clutch bag. £99
Zigazig Shopper. £79
Made with recycled yarn that comes from off-cuts of fabric rolls which were destined for landfill.

The designs are contemporary and totally shed the stigma of wool being 'old fashioned'. Perhaps people will be more inclined to make something themselves, or purchase an original Wool and the Gang piece. There is a section on their website where you can buy yarns, needles, patterns and everything you need to get started and if that isn't good enough they even have video tutorials teaching you how to knit (which I will be definitely trying my hand at). Consumers are wanting to know exactly where their products have come from and it's refreshing to see Wool and the Gang putting faces to products. I'm glad people are becoming more educated about the reality of how things are produced. With all the mass produced high street trumpery out there I think a few have lost sight that knitting has always been traditionally made by hand and not by a machine in a factory. So here's to you Wool and the Gang for keeping handmade knitted fashion alive.

And the best thing is? If you can knit you too can join The Gang and make a difference. Check out their website here:
...or follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @woolandthegang

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  1. Love the giant knit texture on the clutch.