Monday, 5 August 2013

Recent work

These 2 commissioned embroidery hoops are on their way to America. They were cross stitched directly onto patterned cotton (a nightmare at the best of times without the aida as a guide). If you're interested then you can order your own stitched piece over on my Etsy.


  1. I'd imagine you already know about it but on the off chance, check out soluble waste canvas.

    Mothers a bit of a cross stitching legend and even stitched me some tee designs on jersey with the stuff. (there was a grey/silver pegasus on a pale blue one which would be quite the hipster tee these days -unfortunately I was about 7 and it got thrown away).

    1. I've seen it but always been a bit dubious of washing it off/out without ruining the piece or having to press it flat and not completely messing it up. I've bought some to have a go with but at the moment can only find 14 count. I'll report back my findings!