Sunday, 3 November 2013

Inspiration - Shredders Sweatshirts

Ever since launching my metal inspired Xmas jumper 2 years ago I keep noticing awesome band sweatshirts out on the market. We had the Descendents, then Slayer, Every time I Die got on the bandwagon although I never blogged about that one. Well now we have Shredders. Oh boy what a treat.

Shredders have a produced a knitted range taking inspiration from alternative culture and infused it with a heavy dosage of 80's kitsch. They are all on pre-order and I will bet my right hand they will sell out this Christmas. They have a pretty hefty price tag but are definitely worth it. I've selected a couple of my favourites:

Krampus Knit Christmas Devil and Hip Hop Santa knitted sweater, $79.99

Can't find this as a pre-order. Perhaps was taken down to copyright infringements?

Satanic Knit Baphomet sweatshirt, $79.99

Visit their website here.
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