Saturday, 3 January 2015

How I spent my winter vacation

Jesus wept, I have not updated my blog in MONTHS. I've had a pretty wild Christmas and kept busy with a new job, jumper sales, commissions and the launch of the scarves. Here's a round up of October - December.

Ayesha King (aka Mrs Kerry King) received her Slayer scarf. How utterly mental is that? The scarf is being sold via Knit and Destroy for £40 and was featured on Makezine! I kinda fan girled about that for a while as Andrew Salomone is amazing, check out this post I wrote about him way back in 2012.

So if that wasn't enough, party legend Andrew W.K tweeted my 'party til' you puke' piece and my social media went into meltdown. I made this piece (along with 'don't be a dick' and 'death to all but metal') into an A5 print. They are printed onto lovely thick, textured card stock and will set you back £4 if you're interested. Check out my Etsy store.

I got into the festive spirit and made some felt yuletide bunting which was inspired by a very glittery garland I acquired from Paperchase. I'm thinking about making more in the new year for various other joyous occasions.

And finally, I sold out of all my Fucking Hostile jumpers in record time. I currently have a few cards left over from Christmas which I'm selling at 3 for £3 in the sale section of my Etsy and Bigcartel. I've also put a few older hoop pieces in clearance on Etsy so make way for new stuff. This year I aim to be more productive than ever.

So that's it really. Happy new year y'all. 

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